Index Pressure Sensors are custom designed for OE manufacturers for a variety of automotive and heavy duty applications. Each sensor is fully tested to ensure the output meets certain specifications. Index’s IATF 16949:2016 Certification guarantees that every product meets strict quality requirements.

There are three possible types of pressure sensors related to how they measure the pressure:

Absolute Pressure
This type of sensor measures the difference between a built-in vacuum reference and the pressure at the sensor port. The zero reading for an Absolute Pressure Sensor is in a complete vacuum. This type of sensor is typically used for intake manifold pressure or fuel pressure. 

Gauge Pressure
This type of sensor measures the difference between ambient pressure and the sensor port. The zero reading for this type of sensor is always current (atmospheric) ambient pressure. This type is less expensive than absolute pressure and commonly used for engine oil pressure. 

Sealed Gauge Pressure
This type of sensor measures the difference between a built in atmospheric pressure reference and the sensor port. This is very similar to a Absolute pressure sensor but has a zero at Atmospheric pressure instead of a vacuum. 

Images of Index's Pressure Sensors

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