Air Conditioning Protection Products

Index Air Conditioning Protection Products save money by extending the life of the A/C system and identifying problems before they become costly repairs.

ACX-10 A/C Life Extender

ACX-10 Air Conditioning Life Extender
The ACX-10 detects rapid cycling before you even notice that your air conditioner isn't working properly. As your A/C system charge levels drop, clutch cycles increase. The ACX-10 limits clutch cycles to four engagements per minute, reducing system wear and tear.

APAds A/C Protection and Diagnostics System

APAds® Air Conditioning Protection and Diagnostics System
Available as an OEM option, the APAds system offers full air conditioning control, protection, and diagnostics. Its microprocessor-based intelligence offers all the protection of the ACX-10, plus year-round compressor lubrication and cooling fan coordination to prevent fan cycling at idle.

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