Maintaining Your Cool

  • Prevents rapid cycling under harmful high- or low-pressure conditions
  • Extends life of clutch, compressor & hoses
  • Protects clutch in over- or under-voltage conditions
  • Prevents premature damage to clutch coil & plates
  • Reduces stress on starter motor & batteries
  • Installs quickly & easily with a few simple connections
  • Provides rapid payback in maintenance cost savings

A Detection and Protection System

The AC-X10 A/C Compressor Protection module detects pressure that's too high or low, and too much or too little voltage. Then, it protects expensive system components from being damaged, and saves you maintenance costs and downtime.

Pressure Protection

Both high and low refrigerant charge or pressure can lead to rapid cycling of the system. This causes premature wear on the compressor, clutch, and hoses. Even worse, a compressor laboring under low pressure can lose lubrication and suffer sudden and complete failure.

When the AC-X10 detects persistent high or low system pressure, it disengages the A/C clutch until the pressure returns to the normal, safe operating range.

Voltage Protection

Over-voltage causes excessive current and heat in the clutch coil, which shortens its life. Worse yet is under-voltage, which can cause the clutch to slip and burn out.

The AC-X10 detects over- and under-voltage conditions, and temporarily disengages the A/C clutch until the voltage returns to the normal, safe range.