Air Conditioning Protection & Diagnostic System

  • Prevents clutch damage from rapid cycling
  • Prevents clutch slippage from low voltage or over voltage
  • Improves A/C efficiency at idle
  • Eases troubleshooting with easy-to-interpret fault codes
  • Enhances preventive maintenance
  • Reduces expensive, unscheduled repairs
  • Detects A/C problems even when A/C is off

Longer A/C Life

APAds identifies A/C problems before they become major repairs. Smart Sensor technology prevents compressor damage, keeps trucks on the road longer and slashes A/C maintenance costs.

Protecting Your A/C System

APAds automatically lubricates, monitors and protects A/C systems year-round. When it discovers a harmful condition like high or low pressure or voltage, APAds temporarily shuts down the compressor, preventing rapid cycling and damage.

Significant Cost Reductions

We tested APAds on 55 pairs of trucks for a total of 9 million miles. Those equipped with APAds spent 65% less on A/C maintenance than identical trucks without APAds. The average annual A/C maintenance costs per truck are $86 with APAds and $244 without it.

Diagnostics Reduce Downtime

APAds' fast, accurate sensors predict failure so minor repairs can be fixed before major damage occurs. Easy-to-read diagnostic lights reduce guesswork and direct technicians toward the problem.