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Mixer Fleet Relying On Index A/C Protection

As appeared in Fleet Maintenance,

June, 2003

Silver State Materials of Henderson, Nevada, recently began installing ACX-10 air conditioning life extenders from Index Sensors to get a lid replique rolex on soaring air conditioning maintenance costs.
Silver State is located in one of the fastest growing cities in the country and has reaped the benefits of a construction boom.

But the fleet's trucks must operate in harsh Nevada desert conditions where temperatures regularly climb well above 100 degrees F.

With the trucks parked and idling for long periods on job sites, the air conditioning systems get a real workout, according to assistant maintenance manager Tom Hogan. When it's 115 degrees ambient, who knows how hot it is under the hood, he says. We're also dealing with a lot of dust.

Air conditioning compressors will cycle excessively under these conditions and will fail unexpectedly, says Hogan. When the compressor goes, you often have more problems than just a truck without air conditioning. We've had some of these systems seize up and the driver's had to cut the belts out on the road to keep moving. When you're carrying concrete, you have to keep moving. We can't afford to be late for a job.
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With such a busy operation running ready mix from three plants to housing developments and small commercial building sites, Hogan says he doesn't have much time to protect air conditioning Join Swiss Now. systems from breaking down. The best he can do is inspect belts and belt tension as well as replace filters. This is typically done on his trucks every 12 weeks during PM intervals.

But Hogan has been at a loss to stem premature failures of A/C clutches and compressors. Last year, he replaced 23 compressors on the 87 trucks in his fleet (82 mixers and 5 dump trucks) " an average of around one every two to three weeks.

It's usually the A/C clutch that goes, he says. But I can't replace the clutch only; I have to buy the complete compressor, which costs $350 a pop.

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Every time a compressor goes bad, I can count on spending at least $500 to $600 for parts and labor because I'm also replacing the accumulator, oil rings and probably adding refrigerant.
Hogan has had Index ACX-10 units installed on around 40 of his Peterbilt 357 mixers and says early indications are that they are doing replica orologi svizzeri their job.

We have been monitoring compressor cycle rates on trucks with and without the ACX-10,he explains. The cycle rate on the trucks without protection is about double of those with the ACX-10.
Publisher: Fleet Maintenance