The Inclinometer is an electronic device that measures the incline of a vehicle. It is designed to communicate and share information with the onboard vehicle computer. Designed for installation on the external chassis frame environment, it is packaged in a rugged housing designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.

It measures the acceleration forces on the vehicle in three axes (x, y, z) as well as the rate of change of the angular position of the vehicle, also in three axes, using a built-in MEMS. An embedded processor computes the current pitch and roll angles based on these raw inputs. The resulting information is filtered to reduce effects of the chassis vibration bounce to provide a best fit estimate of the current road slope in the direction of travel (pitch) and perpendicular to the direction of travel (roll).

Composed of an electronic control module using a 6-state MEMS sensor that will determine the current road grade (angle in degrees). The information is compiled and sent to the vehicle's ECU over J1939 CAN connection.

Images of Index's J1939 Inclinometer

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