Heavy-Duty Pressure Switches

Ideal for a wide range of heavy vehicle and equipment
applications where durability and reliability are crucial.

Index Heavy-Duty Pressure Switches

Built-in Vibration Resistance
Index Pressure Switches put up a double line of defense against vibration with two snap-action elements. A crisp-response pressure disc triggers a micro switch, assuring clean electrical switching. Both elements are real workhorses in high duty-cycle applications, depending on load/voltage conditions, lasting up to 1 million cycles or more.

Custom Specs
By working closely with OEM customers, we determine exactly how a pressure switch functions in the vehicle or machine. What are the optimum set and reset pressures? What receives the switch signal output, and what is done with that information? Then we can dial in the optimum specs to help the entire system work at its best.

Time-Delay & Diagnostics
You have more options than just on/off switching - Index Time-Delay Pressure Switches allow your equipment to “ignore” a normal, momentary high pressure spike or low pressure dip. With Index Diagnostic Switches, your control computer can distinguish a wire short or break from a normally-operating open or closed switch circuit.

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