Index's Heavy-Duty Pressure Switches are ideal for a wide range of heavy vehicle and equipment applications where durability and reliability are crucial. Index switches are proven to withstand the shock and vibration of harsh under-hood and off-road conditions.

Built-in Vibration Resistance
Index Pressure Switches put up a double line of defense against vibration with two snap-action elements. Under load, a crisp-response pressure disc triggers a heavy-duty contact set, assuring clean electrical switching. Both elements are real workhorses in high duty-cycle applications, lasting up to 1 million cycles or more (depending on load/voltage conditions).

Custom Specs
By working closely with a variety of OEMs, we determine exactly how a pressure switch functions in the vehicle or machine. What are the optimum set and reset pressures? What receives the switch signal output, and what is done with that information? Then we can dial in the optimum specs to help the entire system work at its best. Our switches have numerous fittings and connectors available.

Time-Delay & Diagnostics
You have more options than just on/o switching, too. Index Time-Delay Pressure Switches allow your equipment to “ignore” a normal, momentary high pressure spike or low pressure dip. With Index Diagnostic Switches, your control computer can distinguish a wire short or break from a normally-operating open or closed switch circuit.

Images of Index's Mechanical Pressure Switches

How to Order

Part of our company mission is to provide best-in-class quality while creating a positive impact with each of our customers at every stage of the order process.

Customer support representatives are available to assist you with your order. They can answer your questions about orders in process and the availability of new or existing products. Reach our representatives toll free at (800) 726-1737 or via email: customersupport@indexsensors.com

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Index provides components and custom-engineered products to OEMs in a variety of fields: heavy-duty highway (truck & bus), automotive, construction, agriculture/lawn care, marine, defense, and assorted industrial applications. If your company is an OEM or if you need particular performance characteristics or design features for your application, give us a call at (800) 726-1737 or contact us via email at: oemsales@indexsensors.com

Aftermarket Independent Distributor

In addition to OEM distributors, our products are also carried by independent heavy-duty parts distributors all over the world. Some parts can be rushed for next-day delivery. Contact us to locate a distributor near you.

Aftermarket Heavy Vehicle Dealers

Index parts are carried by OEM dealers and distributors. Contact your local OEM truck dealer to purchase.