Heavy-Duty Temperature Switches

Our switches deliver improved performance and cost
control for your engine, vehicle, or equipment.

Index Heavy-Duty Temperature Switches

Efficiency from precise temperature control 
Chances are there are particular set and reset temperatures that are optimal for your application, where energy and operating cost efficiencies are maximized. With Index's tight tolerances, fast response, and specifiable reset points, your equipment runs precisely and evenly, at just the right temperature.

Long life and vibration resistance 
We designed our Temperature Switches for years of service under tough, high duty-cycle conditions. Because vibration sensitivity can shorten the life of both a temp switch and your equipment, Index Temperature Control Switches put up a double line of defense against vibration with two snap-action elements. A crisp-response temperature disc triggers a micro switch, assuring clean, no-chatter electrical switching. Both elements can deliver up to a million cycles or more.

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