Electronic Temperature Switches

Designed to give you precise temperature control, indication, warning,
alarm, and monitoring for thousands of heavy-duty applications.

Index Electronic Temperature Switches

Versatile performance
* Accurate to +/- 1.5 degrees fahrenheit.
* Will function from -20 to 230 degrees fahrenheit.
* Customizable set and reset points.
* Operates in a variety of fluids.
* Choice of fittings and connectors.

Available in either single- or dual-function designs 
Two outputs from one location assures coordination of functions through one device. The dual-function switch maximizes the use of limited installation ports.
* Single-function switches: shutter control, fan control, overtemp warnings/engine shutdown, low transmission temperature (-10 to 32 degrees fahrenheit), and fuel temperature.
* Dual function switches (switches that provide two functions with a single port): overtemp warning/engine shutdown, fan control/shutter control.

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